29 July 2012: Sole Street, Luddesdown, Cobham

Seven Red Ropers met on the train at Bromley South, their journeys apparently unaffected by the Games, with Victoria Station if anything quieter than usual.

It was a short but eventful walk, starting when the train arrived at Sole Street. We only discovered as the train was pulling in that the train was longer than the platform and we could not get out of the last carriage which we were in! We were carried on to Rochester, where complaint forms were obtained by some members of the group to report the lack of information. We then returned to Sole Street on the next train.

From Sole Street station we set off across lovely rolling countryside, across fields full of many different flowers, especially poppies, to the villages of Luddesdown and Lower Luddesdown, stopping for lunch in a meadow where we could look back down the hill. We enjoyed the quietness and remote feeling of this corner of Kent.


Cobham – The Leather Bottle. (Elliott Simpson) / CC BY-SA 2.0

As we approached Cobham the forecast showers began in earnest and we adjourned to the Leather Bottle pub for tea and scones. We set off again as the heavens opened, with thunder and lightning. The path through the now very soggy orchard was tricky to navigate and we arrived back at Sole Street, drenched, and just in time to hear the train approaching. Val at the head of the group did her best to keep the doors open,and miraculously the train waited for everyone and we sank soggily into our seats.

Sheila Dobner


About Humphrey Southall

Director, Great Britain Historical GIS; Reader in Geography, University of Portsmouth
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