2 September 2012: Petersham, Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common

Seven of us met at Richmond station and headed out across the green towards the river stopping at the ‘Tide Tables” cafe under the Bridge. it was a welcome break after an ‘arduous’ journey from central london in an air conditioned train taking all of 15 mins . We walked up river branching off across the water meadow into Richmond Park and strolled leisurely down to pen ponds and having found a suitable tree to lean against we had lunch. We found a couple of hills to climb, altitude at least 50ft, this was mainly for the benefit of Humphrey and Arthur who are off ‘mountain climbing ‘ in the Berwyns (Wales) . We saw lots of what you would expect: deer, dogs, horse riders, people We ‘worked’ our way down to Robin Hood gate and up over Wimbledon common 9 more altitude and with the help of the GPS found the tea room at the Windmill. The day ended with a bus ride to Putney.
A gentle walk with vey nice company including Fran, Jean, Evelyn, Jonathan, Humphrey and Arthur.

We passed this hermit camping in the park, looking curiously like Arthur.



About Humphrey Southall

Director, Great Britain Historical GIS; Reader in Geography, University of Portsmouth
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