20 January 2013: Gerrards Cross circular walk

Jonathan, Don, Miriam and Pam risked the weather on Sunday and had a wonderful snowy walk, with lunch in the porch of the church followed by warming mulled wine in the pub. There was lots of snow and lots of family sledging, as well as lots of (presumably pet) forlorn ponies left out to graze. We saw small frozen ponds, banks of pristine snow, tree branches and teazles patterned with white – it was really beautiful as only snowy landscapes can be. Sorry you all missed it.


The trains ran, but sadly on the way out the driver announced that we wouldn’t be stopping at Seer Green as they needed to make up for lost time. He was very helpful in trying to get us there by other routes but it would have meant too late a start, so Jonathan and Don improvised a new circular walk from Gerrards Cross. Thank goodness for navigational skills, maps and compasses. We all intend to complain to Chiltern Rail about their cavalier attitude to the advertised timetable.



About Humphrey Southall

Director, Great Britain Historical GIS; Reader in Geography, University of Portsmouth
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