4 August 2013: Nonsuch Park and the Hogsmill River

Nonsuch1We had perfect walking weather, warm with a gentle breeze, for this easy walk from Ewell West to Nonsuch Mansion, built in the 18th century and refurbished recently, where we stopped for lunch. We then walked through the grassy expanses of Nonsuch Park passing the site of a huge but now vanished palace which was built by Henry VIII in 1538 and demolished in the 1680’s.
Nonsuch2The walk continued through some woodland and a large churchyard to meet the Hogsmill River. The river runs through a placid valley which surprisingly was a centre for gunpowder manufacture from Elizabethan times up until the 1860’s. We followed the river then went into Ewell Court a public park with a lake where we saw some flying herons and Ewell Court House completed in 1879 which was financed by the profits from the gunpowder mills, the produce of which was said to have been used in the American Civil War.

The house is currently used for weddings, receptions and functions. We then made our way back to the station.

Nonsuch3                     Veronica

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