9 August 2013: Sophocles at the Scoop

Tower Bridge opens

Tower Bridge opens

Four of us met up on a pleasant evening at the Scoop beside City Hall to see two plays adapted from Sophocles. We ate our suppers overlooking the river and were treated to the sight of Tower Bridge opening to admit “The Dixie Queen”.

King Creon greets Oedipus and Jocasta

King Creon greets Oedipus and Jocasta



The first play was Oedipus which grippingly told the tale of how the King came to kill his father and marry his mother. It was fast-moving and brilliantly acted and comes to a gory end.


The stage and the audience at the Scoop



The second play was Antigone, the story of Oedipus’s daughter, a grim tale lightened in this production by a comic soldier with a geordie accent!


The audience put on extra layers as the evening drew on and London’s buildings and bridges lit up, and the cushions were welcome. An enjoyable evening was had by all. Performances continue and are free, and highly recommended.


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