19 October 2013: Radical East End walk

A reminder of a Jewish past

A reminder of a Jewish past

DSCF2116 David Rosenberg at anarchist publisher The Freedom Press

Jewish Soup Kitchen in Brune Street

Jewish Soup Kitchen in Brune Street

DSCF2115 Anarchists and libertarians pictured

David Rosenberg led a group of us on a Saturday afternoon guided walk starting outside Whitechapel Gallery. He told us about the radicals, rebels and anarchists who were drawn to the East End of London, and the struggles which took place there, from the 1880s when the Jewish tailors and the dockers went on strike, through the Battle of Cable Street in 1936, right up until the 1970s when the Bangladeshi Youth Organisation took on the National Front following the stabbing of Altab Ali. The walk took us past reminders of the Jewish past of the area (with anecdotes from David’s own family) and into the now ever-changing area of Spitalfields and Brick Lane, finishing at Brick Lane Mosque which has served as a place of worship for the Huguenots, the Jews and now the Bengali population. The walk was informative and enjoyable and several of us said we would like to do something similar again. David’s website is http://www.eastendwalks.com.

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