7th December 2014: Shoreham to Otford and back, via Pluto and Uranus

Rob Steele led this walk through the Darenth valley and the surrunding North Downs. It was a grey day with occasional rain, and muddy underfoot. However, avoidingn the direct path from Shoreham station meant we got to visit the outer planets of the solar system.



The village of Otford decided to mark the millennium by building a 1:4,595,700,000 (ie 1mm = 4,595.7km) scale model of the solar system, each planet being marked by a concrete pillar. The sun and the inner planets are in a corner of the recreation ground, but our walk took us past first Pluto and then, walking up the village street, Uranus:

Rob and Uranus

Rob and Uranus

We had lunch by Otford’s village green-cum-roundabout. The second half of the day followed the North Downs Way steeply up onto the downs to the east, then circled round to return to Shoreham station.



About Humphrey Southall

Director, Great Britain Historical GIS; Reader in Geography, University of Portsmouth
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