12th February 2015: Hackney Wick to the Albert Dock along the Capital Ring

Three of us took forward the “Capital Ring project” by walking Section 14 on Thursday 12 February.  This proved a grey day with temperature around 6C.  The first two miles turned out to be more like four as the Greenway Walk (over Bazalgette’s great Northern Outflow Sewer) had been closed for works four days earlier.  A byzantine diversion through the streets of Abbey Mills gave us a view of the remarkable gothic Abbey Pumping Station before more streets took us to coffee break on Plaistow High Street.

Once we regained the Greenway embankment we had a straightforward  march SE towards Beckton Alp, which we liked so much we walked half a mile too far., returning to find the discreet stairway into streets leading to Beckton District Park.  The park is over a mile long with pleasant trees and shrubs in places, now grey but a great summertime asset.  Finally at the steel and glass palace of Newham’s executive mayor (grander than London’s City Hall) we decided to call it a day, and took the DLR to Tower Gateway.  This was an efficient way to find a lunch-serving pub – not so easy in Newham.   Although this walk was a mixed blessing, the three miles along the Greenway Walk were an eye-opener; and Wetherspoons’ lunch at the end was very good.

Steve Butters


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