20th March 2016: Tilbury Town to Tilbury East

A small group of four, led by Miriam, enjoyed this slightly bleak but interesting walk, mainly along the sea wall, taking in 2 forts – Tilbury Fort and Coalhouse Fort. Passing the Cruise Terminal, which is where the Empire Windrush landed in 1948, we repaired to The World’s End Pub – it did feel a bit like that -for refreshment to get us underway. The pub dates back to the 1600’s and Samuel Pepys’ diary records that he stayed here on his way to bring Charles I I back from exile in Holland in 1666. From here there are views across the river to Gravesend and downriver. Tilbury Fort nearby dates back to Henry VIII’s day in origin, and saw service in World War II. From here it’s a stretch along the seawall with great views of the container ships travelling up and down to Tilbury docks. Fortunately the weather was fine, if cloudy for this exposed part of the walk, and the tide was low so there was no danger of wet feet. Coalhouse Fort was mainly built between 1861 and 1874 and housed 200 soldiers to protect against feared French invasion. The cafe here provided our picnic table. After a little further along the estuary with views of the new London Gateway Port, we turned inland and encountered the first mud on our path, finding good use for our walking poles before finishing at East Tilbury Station for an easy journey back.


The World’s End


Tilbury Fort


Thames shipping


Coalhouse Fort

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