3rd April 2016:Milford to Godalming

Seven of us led by Helen, had a great walk on Sunday April 3rd, a walk right into the heart of the Surrey countryside.

We started from Milford which is broadly in the Guildford area. We walked around the lakes at Milford, past the wonderful timber framed Enton Mill, through woods and heathland to the Merry Harriers pub in Hambledon, and then northwards to the Winkworth Arboretum. We touched the Greensands way.  The final part was along the River Wey into Godalming from where we came back by train.  It was mostly a fairly easy walk with one or two steep bits.

At around nine miles the walk was vigorous but views were well worth it.  The site of the ancient Yew Tree next to Hambledon Church was worth the trip alone.  We heard the chatter of many birds on our travels including Peacocks and pheasants.  Winkworth Arboretum was fascinating and we got a close up the boats and locks on the Wey as it came into Godalming.

Of course, no Red Rope expedition would be complete without a good political argument and we had one over the European Union when we called into the garden of the Merry Harriers pub. They have lovely local brews in this pub. Also, most bizarrely, they keep llamas here in a field next to the pub.  Nine of them.   I have never got close to a llama before, but I have now.  They eat a lot of grass.

Endon MillMade it to Enton Mill, checking the route to the pub with the llamas at Hambledon.

On the train back we were saying that we all felt it had been an excellent walk, and the weather stayed dry although there were muddy bits. Quite a few other walkers and families were out and about.

I would certainly recommend this walk, and we are grateful to Helen for bringing it to our attention.



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