1st May 2016: International Labour Day walk

There was a good turnout for Steve’s East London walk to commemorate International Labour Day. We met at the Carmelite Cafe in Bow Road, next door to the former timber yard owned by George Lansbury’s father-in-law. Across Bow Road was the site of Sylvia Pankhurst’s centre for the women of the East End “The Mother’s Arms”. Next stop was the Bryant and May former match factory, site of the Match Girls’ Strike of 1888, now apartments known as the Bow Quarter. We paused to look at the unusual housing known as “The Donnybrook Quarter” on the way to Victoria Park. Passing “Central Books” owned by the Communist Party of GB and still functioning, we headed across to the Olympic Park for lunch at the Timber Lodge cafe. Then we walked back to the canal tow path but were soon thwarted in our plans to walk the Greenway atop Bazalgette’s sewer because the works scheduled to finish in April had not…Some road walking took us past Abbey Mills Pumping Station but we decided to call it a day at Abbey Road DLR.

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