10th July 2016:Farnborough circular

Don led this walk at short notice, Claire having unfortunately broken her arm. There was a good turnout of members despite last night’s partying. We took a bus from Bromley South to Farnborough village and set off through the churchyard and into High Elms Country Park. In the woodland Don pointed out the graves of the Lubbock family who previously owned the estate. Flowers marked the grave of Eric Lubbock, Lord Avebury, who won the famous Orpington by-election for the Liberals in 1963. Later we saw a dene-hole, where chalk was dug out to enrich the farmland, and a substantial tree growing out of a tree trunk which fell in the storm of 1987. At Downe church we saw the grave of the Darwin family, though Charles Darwin is buried in Westminster Abbey. After a drink at the village pub, 3 members of the group decided to stay on and visit Down House, home of Charles Darwin. The rest of us walked through the beautiful Cudham valley to Cudham village where we stopped to eat sandwiches and watch the cricket. Returning through woodland with many lovely beech and other trees, we stopped for tea at High Elms cafe. The three who visited Down House caught us up at the bus stop to catch the bus back to Bromley.


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