31st July 2016: Southend Pier to Leigh-on-Sea

Seven of us were on this walk from Southend on Sea to Leigh on Sea including walking the 1.34 mile length of the longest pleasure pier in the world. We began the day by feeling rather bemused as between us we had paid three different ticket prices for the journey from Liverpool Street station to Southend Central Station, some paying two pounds more than others.

We started our day at the seaside by walking to the end of the pier which gave us good views of the open sea and back to Southend. We stopped for a while in the warm sunshine to have coffee/tea then made our way back to land and walked along the promenade by which time the tide was rapidly going out revealing the mudflats. We stopped for lunch on a high grassy spot overlooking the sea and amusement parks before continuing along the promenade to Leigh on Sea where we stopped for afternoon tea and cake and were aware that we could hardly see the water at all, just a huge expanse of mud.

Once back at Liverpool Street station I asked one of the ticket sellers why we had been sold different price tickets and was told that even they get very confused by the different choices of prices to Southend. I felt this doesn’t give much hope to the rest of us!



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