25th September 2016:Winchfield

Jonathan generously came forward at short notice to lead this walk, having led one last week from Three Bridges.This walk in Hampshire was in an area most of us were not familiar with. From Winchfield station, passing some large houses with signs protesting against proposed development of the area, we walked along part of the Basingstoke Canal, busy with canoeists and kayakers and looking very pretty in the dappled sunlight. We passed some  beautiful old trees and there was woodland on each side, largely private.  Lunch was at the second of two quite large lakes with some swans, coots and geese which had been lacking on the canal. From here we crossed a few rather awkward stiles to reach the canal again and return to Winchfield. This was a lovely early autumn day, a few blackberries still lingering and sweet chestnuts in profusion on the canalside trees. We avoided two short, sharp showers, the first by sheltering under a canal bridge and the second by being at the pub at the end of the walk. Tim, who is a returning member, took the photos. We were also joined by John, a potential new member who looks forward to trips to the Scottish mountains, but enjoyed this walk as a pleasant change.

Red Rope returner Tim Jones commented, “From the green arches, tunnels, and cathedrals of mature Hampshire woodlands, via the waterside greenery of the Basingstoke Canal, to the wild blackberries and waterfowl delights of Tundry Pond, the hugely enjoyable variety of Jonathan’s well-led Winchfield Walk was a pure delight for the senses.”


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One Response to 25th September 2016:Winchfield

  1. Tim Dalinian Jones says:

    My thanks go out to Sheila for (a) this post-walk blog post, and for (b) being the Red Rope London contact person who amicably re-introduced me to the delights of walking through our lush, bountiful, and green English countryside, and for (c) sharing this walk together, which we all enjoyed so much; plus, my Great Big Thank You goes out to Jonathan, for leading such an engaging, invigorating, and uplifting walk.

    If the photos above have whetted your appetite for more views of the beautiful Hampshire countryside, you can see all of my photos of our wonderful Winchfield Walk in the following photo album:

    ● ‘Winchfield Walk – RR.LDN – Sun 25 Sep 2016’
    – 26 photos, 2 maps (and a fitness tracker)
    » http://bit.ly/WinchfieldWalk

    Peace-&-Love, Tim Jones

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