18th December 2016: Mince Pie Walk from Grove Park to Blackheath

Humphrey led the annual mince pie walk with a good turnout of 22 members and guests. The first half of the walk followed the Green Chain route. We started by heading south east, going over the mighty river Quaggy and through Chinbrook Meadows into Elmstead Woods. We then turned north, passing through Mottingham to reach Eltham Palace, roughly half way, where we took a lunch break in the picnic area.

From Eltham Palace, leaving the Green Chain route we crossed a small park, then around the edge of Eltham Green and into the large and recently renovated Sutcliffe Park, where we again met the river Quaggy (on the recce we saw an Egret). We passed through what used to be the Ferrier Estate but is now “Kidbrooke Village”, with new landscaping and a lake, then through the posher Cator Estate with an amazing mix of Victorian villas and 1960s Span developments, to emerge onto Blackheath by the Paragon and Morden College. From there it was a short walk over the heath to Humphrey’s flat, where a few more members joined us for tea, mince pies and mulled wine. The day was a very enjoyable pre-Christmas outing and get-together.

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