7-11 August 2017: A midweek visit to the Bedgellert Hut


The Cae Ysgubor in North Wales

The biggest benefit from our deal with the Lancashire Mountaineering Club is not that we can organise Red Rope trips to the LMC huts in north Wales and the Lake District — being affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council means that we can book most of the huts belonging to affiliated clubs, as listed in the BMC Hut List:


The major advantage of the LMC huts is that individual Red Rope members can stay in them without booking, so long as space is available and they have a personal key fob. Details are here, but note that everyone staying has to be a Red Rope member; no guests:


David Symonds of Merseyside Red Rope put together a party of seven members, from four different regions, who stayed at the Cae Ysgubor hut, outside Bedgellert, from a Monday to a Friday. The accommodation is quite excellent: a very large and very airy kitchen/living room at one end, and sleeping accommodation for 18 people in three rooms, on two levels, at the other. LMC members turned up while we were there to finish off two of the showers, but that will make four in all.


Red Admiral butterfly, in the woods north of Bedgellert

Most of us needed the Monday to get to Bedgellert, and the weather on Friday was poor so we went straight home, but in between we had three good hill days. The highlight was on Thursday, when Iolo Roberts joined us and led us up Moel Elio, a grand hill behind Llanberis, then along most of the ridge which joins it to Snowdon. Iolo lives in Caernarvon, works for the National Trust, and David and I had met him in August 2016 when the two of us, plus Dermot McKibbin, went on an Austrian Alpine Club klettersteig training course in Austria.


The summit of Moel Eilio, from the ridge that joins it to Snowdon




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