17 September 2017: Hawksley and the Hangers Way

A big group of us joined Helen on this eleven mile walk in the Hampshire countryside, mostly following the Hangers Way — the Hangers being steep but densely wooded hills. After a long train journey fron Waterloo, we set out north west from Petersfield, through the village of Steep, then up Leg of Mutton Hill — which must give the village its name.

At the top of Leg of Mutton Hill

At the top of Leg of Mutton Hill.

Some of us had thought the hill was named after a pub at the top, but this was not to be and we had to walk on another couple of miles to Hawksley for lunch on the village green then a stop at the very crowded pub.

Descending towards Hawksley

Descending towards Hawksley.

We had another six miles to go after lunch, as we wound our way through the Hangers. We finally said goodbye to the Hangers Way, going cross-country and down hill to Liss and the train back to London.




About Humphrey Southall

Director, Great Britain Historical GIS; Reader in Geography, University of Portsmouth
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