19 November 2017: Hatfield to Brookmans Park 8 miles

Nine of us, including two guests, set out on a bright day along the Old Hertford Road which runs frustratingly just beyond the boundary fence of the Marquess of Salisbury’s great estate. The first mile was briskly completed on somewhat busy roads (there was an event at the marquess’s place), Once we had crossed the A414 we were in the relative calm of the lanes just beyond the estate. After a stretch of the placid Lea fishing river we took field paths east and then a bridleway lane steadily uphill through the West End village and continuing into the glaring sun south to the hamlet of Wildhill. Our lunch stop was in the garden of the bucolic local, The Woodman. Next we strode or slid on muddy paths over pasture again uphill to the plateau which is home to a major radio station. After crossing the old Great North Road we strolled past the sedate villas of the respectable commuter village of Brookmans Park. This straightforward hike over undulating farmland was enhanced by autumn colouring and some distant views. We had time for a reviving drink in The Brookmans before catching the 16.14 train back to London. We had done well to negotiate eight miles in the hours between noon and four helped by perfect blue skies. This was one of 30 walks offered on the website of the Brookmans Park Newsletter http://www.brookmans.com.​
Steve Butters
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