26th March 2018: Play “Black Men Walking”

Several members were interested in seeing this play at the Royal Court Theatre but the only tickets available were for Monday night and necessitated going online at 9am that day, so only 2 of us made it. We found it enjoyable and both funny and moving. Three black men walk once a month in the Peak District to relax away from their daily lives. On this day they all have their problems to brood on and fall to talking about 2000 years of black British history. Lost in the fog they come upon a young woman who seems at first to be a mystical figure but turns out to be a very down-to-earth Yorkshire rapper who puts them straight. A great performance by Dorcas Sebuyange who sings beautifully as they emerge from the fog back onto familiar territory. The play was inspired by a real Black men’s walking group based in Sheffield.


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