10th June 2018: Box Hill and West Humble circular

There were six of us, Nicola, Hugh, Damien, Elena, Corinne and Nigel.
We started out from Box Hill and Westhumble train station and went west on the North Downs Way to Ranmore Common.  Views were stunning.  Then on to Wotton, where we had lunch in the packed village pub, which like most pubs in the Surrey countryside is much more of a gastro pub full of casually dressed posh people who vote Tory and hate Jeremy Corbyn.    Nevertheless, they did ace pints of Tea and Doombar and plenty of them.
We went back roughly east towards the outskirts of Dorking and walked along Balchins Lane, which is where famous British 1930’s actor Lesley Howard lived, and there is a plaque outside his house.  We eventually made it to the Mole Gap trail and then on through Denbies Vineyard which led up to the settlement of Westhumble.  Meanwhile,  to our right we got superb views of the striking wooded slopes of Box Hill. We also caught a glimpse, glittering in the distance,  of the famous Swiss Cottage, a listed building that once was the home of John Logie Baird, one of the inventors of the mechanical television way back in the 20th century.
Altogether we did about 12 miles and even the Lycra clad cyclists who erroneously thought they were a cool bunch in their shades and expensive gear did not put us off.  Although to be fair, they were much less hassle than passing car drivers.
Despite getting lost a few times, this was one of the best walks of the year so far. Those not on our wonderful jaunt don’t know what they missed
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