About London Red Rope

Red Rope is a national walking and climbing club, with members in a dozen regions of the UK. The club has socialist, left-wing and alternative roots – and today’s club is still organised with socialist and green ethics in mind.

We go country walking, hill-walking, rock-climbing, and mountaineering, plus the pub and the teashop of course. There is plenty to join in with, whether you want to really stretch yourself, or just gently explore the outdoors.

Any member of the club is welcome at any club event, but if it is in another region you have to get yourself there! The London club cannot go to the mountains as often as members in northern cities, but we have a walk in the countryside near London just about every weekend.

We organise two kinds of weekend trips: hostel trips, where we usually leave London on Saturday morning, walk as a group and return on Sunday evening after a night in a hostel; and standard trips where we stay at a bunkhouse or climbing club hut for a couple of nights and use it as a base for a variety of activities.

This blog is a record of what we have done, but for information about our upcoming events e-mail us at London@redrope.org.uk or email Joanna at Joanna.weller@yahoo.co.uk

You can also find our walks on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RedRopeLondon/). Join us via our national web site:


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