Join us!

Newcomers are welcome on our walks, without first joining. Just e-mail us at or call Sheila Dobner on 020 8293 4481 to find out about our next walk.

If you have been on two walks and want to go on aanother, you need to become a member via our national web site.

There is no charge for members to go on day walks. Members are generally responsible for paying for their own transport charges and any admission charges. The exception to this is that members in bands 1 & 2 are entitled to a refund on transport charges over £5 / £7.50 respectively (e.g. if the total cost was £12, a band 2 member would be entitled to £4.50 back). To claim a refund, please email the London Treasurer (, with details (train/bus, origin, destination and price) of the ticket(s) bought. Note you should try to get the cheapest tickets practical (e.g. Advance, GroupSave and using Railcards).

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