Organising Walks

Newcomers are welcome on our walks, and nobody will expect you to help with the map reading. Just e-mail us at or call Sheila Dobner on 020 8293 4481 to find out about our next walk.

However, once you become a “regular” you need to help sustain the walks programme by organising walks maybe a couple of times a year. These pages provide organisers with checklists of tasks, as well as links to additional information. NB these are checklists to think through, and common sense should tell you whether you need to do anything on your particular walk.

We try to have a walk every Sunday, and the day walks coordinator maintains a list of who is organising each day. Please respond when we ask for volunteers on the mailing list, or during walks. We also occasionally do evening walks mid-week and these need less coordination: if you feel like doing a walk on a particular day and would enjoy company, just announce the details on the e-mail list.

After the walk we hope someone who went on it will send in a short report for this blog, or add it directly. However, there is no reason at all why that is the job of the organiser.

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