Announcing your walk

Once you have chosen a walk and planned travel, you need to tell people about it via the London Red Rope e-mail list.

Your e-mail should usually include the following information:

  • Where the walk begins and ends, plus places of interest on the way. Try to give people some reasons for coming!
  • How long the walk will be, in rough number of miles.
  • Will there be a pub or tea shop stop? One recent walk’s main destination was a van selling pasties.
  • When will walkers be back in London? How frequent are the trains back? Is there any way some people can shorten the walk? NB it is generally OK to decide during the day to shorten a walk by majority decision, but any decision to lengthen it should be unanimous.
  • Are there reasons why some people should not come? Members should assume country walks involve climbing stiles, so no need to warn of that, but maybe point out if a walk does not, e.g. if it entirely follows a tow path. Obviously, some people will decide a walk is too long for them, or too short — no need to discuss that.
  • Most importantly, where and when to meet. This meeting place should almost always be a railway or tube station within Greater London; if the walk is within London it can be the actual start of the walk, and otherwise where you catch the train from. If it is a big central London terminus you should say where on the concourse to meet, such as “by the main ticket office”.
  • It is helpful to include additional stops where people can join the train, but always be clear where the main meeting place is. There is always some risk that problems with transport make it impossible to join the main party’s train at those other stops — it gets diverted or is far too crowded. If this happens, the organiser’s main responsibility is to the people who joined at the main meeting place: deciding to join the walk somewhere else is at the member’s own risk.
  • If you have a mobile phone, include the number so people can contact you if you have those kinds of last minute problems (and remember to have it with you on the day!).
  • If possible, list the Ordnance Survey map sheets needed, so other people on the walk can follow the route, and start learning how to navigate. Having more than one map is also helpful if the party needs to divide.
  • Remind people to bring a packed lunch. Is there anything else they need to bring?

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