Liphook circular – 8 July

So, I needed out of the big smoke … to immerse myself in green … walk … think. I was told ‘Try Red Rope’.  Met up with members of the London group for a 14k circular walk in Liphook, Hampshire. A little anxious that being the new girl, and not having walked for a while, I’d hold everyone up and would be left behind. Instead I experienced interesting conversation, lots of laughter and a caring group of people as we walked. This including beautiful scenery and different terrains, all at a doable pace. Thank you for a most enjoyable day. I’ll be back ☺️


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Box Hill Hike – 24 June


This Sunday’s walk was the Box hill Hike. Six of us (Nigel our leader, Miriam, John, Humphrey, Hugh, and myself, Damien) began our walk from Box Hill and West Humble Station, walking over 11 miles altogether. The Hike itself is a tough 8 mile circular route that includes a 1000 feet of ascent (plus climbing Box Hill to begin the walk!). There was an initial steep ascent to Salomon’s Memorial, from where the Hike begins. From here on the Hike was a series of descents and ascents and interspersed by some lovely Downland and Meadows. The going was very tough, and made harder by the high temperature, but woodland canopy shaded us fro the worst effects of the sun. We stopped for lunch at the village of Mickleham, picnicking in the church ground, followed by liquid refreshment at the lovely Running Horses Pub. Along the way we were afforded great views across the Downs and enjoyed the company of a variety of Butterflies and Dragonflies. Towards the end Miriam decided she’d done one descent too many and wisely headed for Dorking, whilst Humphrey pressed ahead for his train. The remainder of us finished the hike at Box hill Visitor’s centre enjoying tea, ice lollies and ice cream. Overall this was an unusually tough day but no less enjoyable for this. Many thanks to Nigel for coming up with the idea and leading the walk,  and thank you everyone for such good company.

box wa

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Don led Dermot, Esin Helen Nicola and Pam on a great weekend trip to Goring and Streatley Youth Hostel. The weather was fine, the villages interesting and attractive, the river flowing through, the lock and the weir.
Don had visited the previous weekend to research the walks and hostel and assess the size of the members kitchen – and incidentally  found out that we could leave our stuff in a side room to save carrying it all day.
He brought lots of the basic food, supplemented by a shop at Tesco beside the station, and Dermot brought food for the evening meal (very tasty pasta and pesto and salad). We were even able to make fresh sandwiches for the Sunday. We walked alongside the river to the north on Saturday and up into the hills and woods (and poppy-filled fields) south to Pangbourne on Sunday. The train service here is excellent, running every half hour even on Sunday, which made transport easy despite the almost non-existent bus service.
Coincidentally it was the weekend of the bi-annual Goring and Streetley Festival  so we had an evening walk and caught a glimpse of Mica Parris, the star of the show, although the real stars were the afternoon local brass band, performing for free in the church hall with good tea and cakes. Our walk took us past places where Oscar Wilde and Jerome K. Jerome stayed, houses where Danny la Rue and George Michael lived and river and water mill views that Turner painted. There was a wonderful sunset reflected in the water on the way home.

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10th June 2018: Box Hill and West Humble circular

There were six of us, Nicola, Hugh, Damien, Elena, Corinne and Nigel.
We started out from Box Hill and Westhumble train station and went west on the North Downs Way to Ranmore Common.  Views were stunning.  Then on to Wotton, where we had lunch in the packed village pub, which like most pubs in the Surrey countryside is much more of a gastro pub full of casually dressed posh people who vote Tory and hate Jeremy Corbyn.    Nevertheless, they did ace pints of Tea and Doombar and plenty of them.
We went back roughly east towards the outskirts of Dorking and walked along Balchins Lane, which is where famous British 1930’s actor Lesley Howard lived, and there is a plaque outside his house.  We eventually made it to the Mole Gap trail and then on through Denbies Vineyard which led up to the settlement of Westhumble.  Meanwhile,  to our right we got superb views of the striking wooded slopes of Box Hill. We also caught a glimpse, glittering in the distance,  of the famous Swiss Cottage, a listed building that once was the home of John Logie Baird, one of the inventors of the mechanical television way back in the 20th century.
Altogether we did about 12 miles and even the Lycra clad cyclists who erroneously thought they were a cool bunch in their shades and expensive gear did not put us off.  Although to be fair, they were much less hassle than passing car drivers.
Despite getting lost a few times, this was one of the best walks of the year so far. Those not on our wonderful jaunt don’t know what they missed
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Sunday 6 May 2018: Welwyn Garden City Circular Walk

On a bright day we walked through Welwyn Garden City’s Janet-and-John western suburb and on through Sherrardspark Woods. Then over the A1(M) and into the manicured parkland of the golf course around Brocket Hall, the mansion sold to cover Lord Brocket’s drug debts. Next down a steep wooded path (its glades suffering from clumps of an invasive blue coloured plant) and along the River Lea Path to the ford at Waterend before two miles of climbing north to the picturesque village of Ayot St Lawrence. We took our lunchtime stop in the ruined churchyard, deciding not to visit GB Shaw’s house nearby. Returning across fields with long views, then an intricate shimmy eastwards to Ayot Green village. Then back across the A1 (M) to traverse Sherrardspark Woods by the old rail line, now “Greenway”, into Welwyn GC centre for a well deserved tea. This was a satisfying eight/nine mile hike on a very warm day; it presaged more for coming season. ​

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22nd April 2018: Otford Bluebell Walk

Bluebell walk

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26th March 2018: Play “Black Men Walking”

Several members were interested in seeing this play at the Royal Court Theatre but the only tickets available were for Monday night and necessitated going online at 9am that day, so only 2 of us made it. We found it enjoyable and both funny and moving. Three black men walk once a month in the Peak District to relax away from their daily lives. On this day they all have their problems to brood on and fall to talking about 2000 years of black British history. Lost in the fog they come upon a young woman who seems at first to be a mystical figure but turns out to be a very down-to-earth Yorkshire rapper who puts them straight. A great performance by Dorcas Sebuyange who sings beautifully as they emerge from the fog back onto familiar territory. The play was inspired by a real Black men’s walking group based in Sheffield.


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