Rotherhithe Peninsula walk Thursday 30th July 2020 Easy walk group

The Easy walk group did a 4 mile walk round Rotherhithe peninsula on a sunny Thursday – an area little known by the group and with a history of commercial dock basins. The docks are mainly covered over now with parks and woodland apart from Greenland dock, now a residential area including a community of permanent barges. The route started from Surrey Quays, along Albion Channel, on the Thames river path to Canada Wharf, before going back through the old dock area.

John and Liz were also on the walk but aren’t in the photo record.
The walk ended with a drink outside a pub (!) – the Moby Dick by Greenland Dock and some of the group completed the walk around the dock afterwards.
The day was a pleasant get together and chance to explore a new area; and we managed to return on public transport well before the evening rush hour.

Stephanie examining the wildlife on Albion Channel – a canal built to transport goods and now a watery green space for locals.
Jean and Humphrey studying a relief map of the peninsula at the top of Stave Hill

Wendy and Val strolling on the cobbled path with mooring bollards and sections of rail for travelling cranes
Don, Jonathan, Humphrey and Hugh in a post lunch map huddle in Pearsons Park. I don’t think the can was Hugh’s!
Barges at Greenland Dock
Jonathan, Don and Humphrey stopping to rest on seats in a shady spot along a part
Pond in Russia Dock woodland – on site of one of the previous docks
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Sunday 12th July 2020: Shooters Hill, Plumstead Common and Bostall Woods Circular/or to Lesnes Abbey

A large group gathered for the walk and to help celebrate Humphrey’s birthday, socially distanced, of course. We divided into two groups, one led by Humphrey, the other by Helen.

From Falconwood station the first part of the walk was through the ancient Oxleas Wood and Oxleas Meadow, going towards the summit of Shooters Hill. We left Oxleas near the top of the hill, following part of the Green Chain walk on-street until we entered Shrewsbury Park, where we stopped for our picnic. This is a little-known but surprisingly large park occupying a big part of the northern slopes of Shooters Hill, with fine views across the Thames — so a good location for a socially-distanced picnic and the two groups met up for our sandwiches followed by strawberries and cream and fizz supplied by Humphrey.

Helen then led her group back to Falconwood station on the circular walk, while the others continued to Lesnes Abbey.

From the bottom of Shrewsbury Park there was a short section on-street to Plumstead Common, which leads onto Bostall Woods, another ancient deciduous woodland with the afternoon sun creating perfect walking conditions.

Bostall Wood

We continued along the Green Chain across Plumstead Common to Lesnes Abbey.

Plumstead Common with Jonathan in the lead.

Happily a cafe was open for ice creams then we continued to Abbey Wood station for the return home.

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Friday July 3rd 2020 S Acton to Gunnersbury

Using the overground – S Acton and returning from Gunnersbury. 
Passing the Mosaic House, covered in socialist slogans; 
to Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve, sandwiched between the railway lines; 
to Sainsbury for the only loo stop;  
to the river and along Strand on the Green,  returning from Gunnersbury station.

Led by Pam.

Friday July 10th 2020 Circular walk from Chingford through Epping Forest

This is an easy circular walk from Chingford Station, past Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge, through open ground to an attractive lake called Connaught Water then Willow Trail through Epping Forest. 3½ to 4 miles. Bring sandwiches. I don’t think there will be toilets but plenty of ‘green loos’ as they call them.

Led by Jean.

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Sunday 7th June Greenwich Park to Blackheath

At the recent Zoom London Committee meeting it was agreed to try out leading a walk this Sunday following the government guidelines that 6 people can gather, socially distanced.

Social distancing Hugh and Damien

The walk started at the main gates to Greenwich Park on Charlton Way.

We’ll then walked for about 2.5 – 3 miles before stopping in Greenwich Park for packed lunch about 12.30. There was then the option to walk for a further 2 miles through the park.

We’ll be walking in groups of six or less and if there are more than six of us both Humphrey and Damien have offered to lead similar length walks starting from the same meeting place. We’ll be practicing social distancing and mainly walking on open areas of grassland.

The other group today trespassed the byways of the rich of Blackheath with Dermot giving housing advice on squatters rights and whether RR Could acquire a Blackheath mansion through such rights, then we picnicked in Greenwich Park.

View north over Canary Wharf
Hugh on the ascent
Picture of Don amongst summer wildflowers.
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Covid 19 Lockdown Images March – May 2020

A photographic record of the CoronaVirus lockdown, March – May 2020 when it was not possible for the group to walk together. How we went on short urban walks around our own areas.

In garden if lucky enough to have one Wendy Pettifer March 2020

Glorious tulips in my back garden 12th April 2020 Hilary
For all you land locked Londoners lol 😀 my daily walk ,not as floral and pretty as some of yours. Whitstable. Patti Mullen 17th April 2020G
We were out in the woods near Cudham to-day. The bluebells were great. It made a quite a contrast from the Dartford marshes where we were yesterday. Dermot 26.4.2020

We were out walking in Kent to-day. We started from Borough Green train station. Lots of bluebells and wild garlic. Dermot 2nd May 2020
Leigh on Sea 2 hrs drive there and back 5 hrs slow walking great. Yes lucky to have car and A N Other! Wendy 2nd May 2020
Handkerchief tree update Abney. Miriam 2nd May 2020
We’ve got a v rare Chinese tree Radimanchera in our front garden. Had no idea till Kew person drove by. It’s in gardening journals etc. Flowered last year. Wendy 6th May 2020
No jam.. Miriam 6th May 2020
and 5.20 sunrise….Polly
Woodberry Wetland Miriam 9th May 2020
Pollution free. No yellow haze, you can see the buildings clearly. Polly
Lea Valley Wendy
Woodberry Wetland Miriam
On new river in Haringey Stephanie
Clissold Park. Miriam 16th May 2020
A little known wild place called Whitewebb Woods in Enfield near M25 complete w turtles May 22nd 2020
Cherries… Val May 23rd
Battersea Park. Polly May 24th 2020
Garden at Chelsea Barracks, now homes for the rich. Polly
You can see Battersea Power Station on the left, also being vandalised Polly
The meadow in Gunnersbury Park near me has flowered at last. It covers a big area. pam
Daisy flowers – I think on feverfew – poppies and cornflowers on Hackney Downs Val
Amwell country Park near Ware on River Lea yesterday.Wild swimming! Wendy Pettifer. June 6th 2020

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Sunday 22nd March 2020 circular walk via Hayes Common

Coronavirus COVID19 walk week 2.

We will meet at Hayes train station at 11.15 to do a circular walk via Hayes Common,  Kestin ponds to Leaves Green where we will eat our lunch before visiting the pub. There are buses from here to Bromley south train station. We will return to Hayes via Nash. The length of the walk is approximately 8 miles. We did this walk previously on 15/09/2019 . See  There is one large field which is likely to be hard going.

Woodie will probably not be coming as he has some arthritis. The café that we stopped at before has now closed. Bring packed lunch as usual.

In view of the corona virus we need to practice social distancing on the walk and on the journey to and from the walk.

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